5 Things We Want to See in the Last Rogue One Trailer

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

4. Who the heck is this?

One of the most talked about images from the last couple trailers had to be the one above. Who is the hooded figured standing before what looks to be a bacta tank? It might be too much to ask to have the final Rogue One trailer reveal all the movie’s secrets, but we can hope, right?  The image above has left us with so many questions, some clarity would certainly be appreciated.

First off, whoever the above figure is, the presence of the Imperial Guards clearly points to this chamber containing Emperor Palpatine. So that means the hooded figure is someone of great importance, as we are fairly certain Palpatine does not meet with every Johnny do right stormtrooper or administrator who has a question. The obvious answer would be that this is Vader, however, Vader isn’t known for wearing a hooded cloak. Vader certainly would not be wearing the hood in front of his master either, so it seems safe to eliminate him as the hooded figure. So who else might be important enough to meet with Palpatine?

This question begins to get very interesting if on eliminates Vader. Palpatine isn’t likely to meet with anyone in the movie that does not have the utmost importance to the story. The last possibility is that it is Palpatine himself. The hood would certainly fit, as would the royal guards. But either way, please give us some more hints, give us something to work with here. Because this is too mysterious for us.