5 Things We Want to See in the Last Rogue One Trailer

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

3. More Death Star please

Ok let’s be honest here, the Death Star has never looked better than it has in the few short glimpses we have gotten of it in the previous trailers. From the shot of the Star Destroyer floating out of its shadow to the focusing module sliding into place, the Death Star has looked absolutely stunning, and we want more of it.

Perhaps even more important than the visuals, it would be great to see some shots from the interior of the battle station. It would be great to get a feel for exactly how much time we will be spending on the Death Star in Rogue One. Some of the shots we have seen in the other trailers could be from inside the Death Star, or they could simply be some sort of other Imperial installation. We don’t yet know if the Death Star will appear only towards the end of the movie, in some sort of extended cameo, or if it will be a primary plot location. Will the Rebels of the Rogue One team be the first to step foot on the Imperial battle station? Or will that honor remain with Han, Luke, and the rest of the gang?

Either way, even if the Death Star is not serving as a primary location in the film, as gorgeous as it has looked so far in the trailers, more shots of it in the final trailer will still be a welcome treat for Star Wars fans everywhere. So please, give us more Death Star.