Rogue One Theory: Jedha was turned into Starkiller Base by the First Order in The Force Awakens


A new fan theory circulating the internet postulates that Jedha, a new planet in Rogue One, was turned into Starkiller Base by the First Order.

In the scheme of fan theories, this one, reported by /Film, about the planet Jedha from Rogue One is actually pretty sound.

The idea is this: Jedha, the frozen desert world introduced to us in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was turned into Starkiller Base by the First Order many years after the events of the standalone movie. If this theory is accurate, then Jedha is not really a new planet at all – in fact, it technically doesn’t even exist anymore, as it was blown to space dust in The Force Awakens.

The reasoning behind this theory is based on an official source of Star Wars lore.The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary‘s entry on Starkiller Base reveals that the system-destroying planet was a source of kyber crystals for the Death Star’s lasers back in the day. When the Empire dissolved and the First Order was in its infancy, the latter fled to this cold kyber crystal planet to set up shop. When they got there, they decided to make the planet into a super weapon.

Image Credit: The Force Awakens Visual Dictionary (photo library /Film)

Here is where Jedha comes in. In Rogue One, Jedha is occupied by the Empire, who wants to exploit some resource the world has buried within it. It hasn’t been officially confirmed, but it was hinted that this resource the Empire is after is kyber crystals for their Death Star. To further the idea Jedha becomes Starkiller Base, a fan pointed out that in the first full trailer for Rogue One, Jedha’s surface is getting pummeled (likely by the Death Star). The gaping hole this destruction would leave in the planet would allow the First Order affix a laser to it later.

It’s a solid idea, especially given all the facts seem to fit. Jedha’s climate is the only thing that doesn’t match up with Starkiller Base. But if a hole is carved out in it by the Death Star, exposure to the frigidity of space would more than likely freeze up the planet over the course of the thirty-odd years between Rogue One and The Force Awakens. All of this is contingent, however, on Jedha being a source of kyber crystals. We’ll have to wait till the movie premieres in December to have that confirmed, even though we’re pretty sure it’s the case (thanks Donnie Yen!).

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What do you think of this theory? Is there another planet you know of which could become Starkiller Base later on? Tell us in the comments below.