Her Universe Is Joining Forces With Hot Topic For All Their Clothing Lines


Star Wars voice actress and Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein announced that Her Universe is joining forces with Hot Topic for all future clothing lines.

Her Universe, the one-stop fashion shop for fangirls of Star Wars, Marvel, and other popular geek franchises, has been acquired by Hot Topic.

The fashion company started byThe Clone Wars’s Ashley Eckstein will continue to function as a separate company. Her Universe products will keep being sold on its website and through other outlets like Think Geek and Torrid as before. But partnering with Hot Topic will present Her Universe with greater opportunities, thanks to Hot Topic’s large consumer reach and an array of franchise licenses.

Her Universe has partnered with Hot Topic for clothing lines before (including a Star Wars line, released earlier this year). But now, the two companies have formed a permanent relationship. Basically, the merger between Her Universe and Hot Topic means more, and more varied products.

Below is a list of the changes coming as a result of the merger.

  1. More plus sizes
  2. Products available in Europe
  3. Men’s fashion
  4. A relaunch of a “new and improved Her Universe Press”
  5. More licenses, more activewear, and more “fashion categories”

The best part, though, is what is not changing. We are happy to report that Eckstein will continue to oversee the company she started back in 2010.

Ashley Eckstein in her customized Ahsoka Tano dress made of LEGOs. Image Credit: StarWars.com.

In a letter to fans, Eckstein expressed her excitement for the future while reassuring consumers of her involvement in the new partnership.

"“I am personally going to focus on continuing to build our amazing community and offering more content and ways for fans to connect. Honestly, I cannot contain my excitement over what’s ahead! Hot Topic has been such an important partner of ours and now that we are joining forces, we are listening and we are excited to bring you more!”"

I’m excited to see where this new partnership between Her Universe and Hot Topic will go. Of course, I’m looking forward to all the new Star Wars products. Most of all, though, it’s great to see Her Universe continuing to grow and maintain their quality service.

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