Everything You Need to Know About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Meet Space Monkey, or as he is really known, Bistan. When first we met Bistan, he was giving us the crazy look at the camera while standing behind the gun of a U-Wing. We didn’t know it then, and maybe even Lucasfilm didn’t know what they had created, but the internet knew.

Gareth Edwards didn’t give too much information away at the time, about Bistan, but he did say that there wasn’t much Bistan in Rogue One. However, the legend of Space Monkey grew and grew on the internet, and soon StarWars.com had a bio for the little crazy guy:

"The efforts of the Rebellion have drawn warriors from across the galaxy, fighting to liberate their homes and free their people from the oppression of the Empire. Though Bistan wants to ensure the freedom of fellow lakaru, truth is, he’d rather fight no matter what, relishing the thrill of action.  — StarWars.com"

Here’s to hoping he lives through the film. Please, Bistan, live through the film, the internet needs you, buddy.