Everything You Need to Know About Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Since the announcement that Lucasfilm was going forward with a film that would literally end with Rebel spies transmitting the plans to the Death Star to the Rebellion’s leaders, rumors began to fly that there had to be a cameo from a Princess Leia lookalike, and R2-D2 and even C-3PO.

Remember that French television show that asked Gareth Edwards all those rapid-fire questions we talked about earlier? Well they also asked him about these cameos:

"Q: Will we see Princess Leia? A: I cannot answer. Q: R2D2? A: I cannot answer."

Okay, well, that certainly did not clear anything up. However, why not just come out and say yes or no to the question? By now you’re probably yelling at your computer screen, “BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT DIRECTORS DO! THEY LOVE TO MISDIRECT!” Okay, calm down. But then, why did he answer definitively about Luke Skywalker?

"Q: Luke Skywalker? A: No"

Boom. Leia and R2 in Rogue One = confirmed. I’m only halfway kidding.