Ezra Enters Maul’s Lair In Star Wars Rebels Clip “Dark Side Secrets”


Ezra Bridger enters Maul’s lair on Dathomir and discovers an old Mandalorian lightsaber, in a new clip from the next episode of Star Wars Rebels.

The creep factor is strong in a new clip from the midseason finale of Star Wars Rebels season 3.

In the clip  “Dark Side Secrets,” Maul invites Ezra into his sanctum sanctorum on Dathomir. There, Ezra discovers the famed Mandalorian darksaber and we glimpse Maul’s crazed obsession with his past.

Watch “Dark Side Secrets” below.

There is so much to dig into and speculate on in this clip: the fact Maul still has the darksaber; the clawed painting of Satine Kryze, duchess of Mandalore and lover of Obi Wan Kenobi on his wall; and a word scrawled in Mandalorian on the wall, which a Star Wars fan on Twitter translated to read “Kenobi.” Maul has clearly not let go of his past. He still obsesses over his time ruling Mandalore. And he still nurses a grudge against Kenobi. I’m curious why since he already enacted revenge on Kenobi by killing Satine. What more could he want? My guess is he feels cheated because he never got to actually kill Kenobi. And now, he’s searching for the Jedi to fulfill his need for the ultimate revenge.

Image Credit: Screenshot (photo library Elaine Tveit)

This scene from “Visions and Voices” also bodes several scenarios. The first is Sabine getting ahold of the darksaber, as we see her wielding it in the series’ season 3 trailer. The second is Maul using dark magic to possess Kanan and Sabine, which, again, we saw happen in the trailer.

Finally, Maul’s still-burning obsession with Kenobi indicates we will see Kenobi later on in the season. Maybe the Jedi Master will finally put an end to Maul’s life, once and for all. Or, Maul may escape yet again and live to brood and make vengeful plans for another day.

Star Wars Rebels “Visions and Voices” premieres on Disney XD on Saturday, December 10th at 8:30 pm ET.