The 5 Best New Characters In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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5. Director Orson Krennic

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Director Orson Krennic first charmed us earlier this year with his fashion sense. Who can resist that flowing white cape?

But Krennic’s style belies his true status in the Empire. He’s always trying to climb the Imperial hierarchy but can’t ever seem to earn the necessary respect. His ambition and confidence in his own judgment constantly trip him up. Moreover, his tendency to obtain supplies for the Death Star through unauthorized missions pins him as somewhat of a radical. Because of this and the countless delays in the Death Star’s construction, power figures like Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader have little regard for Krennic.

Krennic ranks number 5 on our “Best New Characters In Rogue One” list because he represents a different kind of Imperial villain. He has all of the arrogance of an authoritative Imperial officer without any real authority. Krennic is more of a regular guy making his way in a world beyond his genius. That quality makes him kind of relatable if you discount the murders he committed.

And really, who can resist that white cape?