50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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37. Ketsu Onyo

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Ketsu Onyo only appeared in one episode of Star Wars Rebels, but she left a first good impression. In her younger years, Ketsu was a cadet at the same Imperial Academy as Sabine Wren. She, too, left the Empire, but she chose a different path than her friend. Instead of a rebel, Ketsu became a bounty hunter. She is on a mission for Black Sun when she appears in Rebels. This mission puts her in direct conflict with Sabine, whose goal – extract a droid carrying important Imperial information – is the same as Ketsu’s. The two must overcome their different life choices, however, to escape the Empire.

Ketsu ranks 37 on our list because she is a rare example of a teenage girl who decided not to become a hero. She also brings diversity to Star Wars by beign a young woman of color. Finally, she’s just cool. Those who think the color pink is all fluff and sparkle should think again. Ketsu rocks her pink armor and a brand new helmet design, never seen before in Star Wars. She even wields a staff which she uses to take down a stormtrooper squad in Rebels. She’s the perfect action character for girls to play on the playground. And there may even be hope for her joining the Rebel Alliance in the future.