50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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33. Sugi

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

According to the Star Wars Databank, Sugi “asks no quarter and gives no quarter.” Sounds like a typical bounty hunter, right?

Not Sugi. This Zabrak only takes jobs she believes in on a moral level. She accepted a job protecting farmers on Felucia from Hondo Ohnaka’s pirate gang. Later, she was hired by Wookiees to pilot a ship to a Trandoshan moon to rescue Chewbacca. They also picked up Ahsoka Tano and a group of younglings, who were likewise stranded.

Usually, we are shown the process of a character’s transformation from self-serving credit hunter into a righteous do-gooder. In Sugi, we see only the results of that process. She already has a moral code when we meet her in The Clone Wars. The credits she earns in her jobs aren’t what matters to her the most. It’s whether or not the job rests easily on her soul that is important. Her moralistic attitude in a lucrative career makes her unique and an easy 33 on our list.