50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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50. Yaddle

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Anyone remember this Yoda-like character from the Jedi Council room in The Phantom Menace? Perhaps not; Yaddle is easy to miss since she doesn’t have any lines. Not only does she not have any lines, she doesn’t have a story, either. We know from Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know that she was born around 450 years before the Battle of Naboo in The Phantom Menace. This same source says she was well-known for her wisdom, patience, and kindness. The Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, published earlier this year, says she was an expert in rare Jedi powers, like one which slowed one’s opponent’s body functions to the point of death.

In spite of all of Yaddle’s coolness, all the Star Wars Databank – Lucasfilm’s online canon library of people, places, and objects in the galaxy far, far away –  has to say about her is that by the time of the Clone Wars, she was no longer on the Council. Her species is marked “unknown.” We don’t know where she’s from or what happened to her or if she is related to Yoda in any way other than their green skin, pointy ears, and a short stature. The lack of information about Yaddle is a great injustice to her, and that’s why we included her in this list.