50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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31. Mina Bonteri

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

The Star Wars films only show the militaristic side of the Separatists. The Clone Wars went deeper with Mina Bonteri. Through her, we learned the war was not nearly so black and white.

During the Clone Wars, Mina Bonteri was the senator of Onderon in the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Prior to the war, she was Padme Amidala’s mentor. The two remained friends but were prevented from communicating once the galactic conflict broke out. Padme smuggled herself onto Raxus, the capital world of the Confederacy, to speak with Mina. She convinced Mina to call for a vote to start peace talks with the Republic.

While Mina’s peace initiative was favorably received in the Separatist senate, General Grievous’s attack on Coruscant rendered any potential for peace talks impossible. Mina was later punished for her attempts at peace. She met her end at the hands of Count Dooku’s agents.

Mina is included on our list because of her extraordinary position as a Separatist senator. She represents the truth that the majority of people in a war only want peace. It is the leaders and the bureaucracy who keep the fight going. The Clone Wars took us to a thoughtful place with Mina, and that’s why she is our number 31.