50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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29. Winter

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Winter Celchu is not canon, but she remains a fan-favorite character in the Legends universe. Winter is Leia’s closest companion in Legends stories, starting in their childhood. The two girls looked similar enough to one another that Winter became Leia’s decoy in times of need. Later, she looked after Leia’s three children.

But Winter is more than a glorified babysitter. During and after the Galactic Civil War, she served with Alliance Intelligence. She was particularly suited for a job as a spy because she possessed a perfect memory. She remembered everything she ever saw or heard.

Winter makes this list because she is a well-rounded female character with her own unique qualities and personal dramas. She is also important to a lot of fans because she represents the Legends tales which were our only sources of Star Wars for many years. In her way, Winter is a legend all unto herself.