50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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25. Darth Zannah

Image Credit: Del Rey Books

Even fans who haven’t read the Darth Bane trilogy know who Bane is. He is famous for establishing the Rule of Two which dictates there can only be two Sith: one master and one apprentice. The first apprentice to follow this new code was a human female named Darth Zannah.

Granted, the Darth Bane trilogy is considered part of the Legends universe. But The Clone Wars canonized Bane, so Zannah could easily be canon as well. Either way, she is a character worth celebrating because she was the key to the continuation of Bane’s Rule of Two.

Bane discovered Zannah when she was a child. The two were attracted to one another because of their similar rage and will to murder. Zannah proved herself a loyal and powerful apprentice of the dark arts. But as with all Sith, treachery befell Zannah and Bane’s relationship. The apprentice slew the master and banished his spirit’s remnants into the netherworld. Afterwards, she took her own pupil, Darth Cognus, and continued the Rule of Two in Bane’s honor.

Zannah is pure evil, rage, and brutality. She is a true Sith Master and we have yet to see a female Sith lady in the Star Wars films or television shows. For this reason, she ranks at 25 on our list.