50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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24. Lyra Erso

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Lyra Erso is new to the ranks of Star Wars female characters. But she has all the qualities of an instant classic.

Lyra appears in the beginning of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Her husband is the man responsible for unwittingly researching a major weapons system for the Empire. Her daughter, Jyn, is the star of the film. Lyra’s parting words to Jyn are “Trust the Force” as she hands her a kyber crystal necklace. Then she leaves her daughter to be rescued by Saw Gerrera and attempts to save her husband from Director Orson  Krennic.

As anyone who has seen the movie knows, Lyra only succeeds in shooting Krennic in the shoulder before she is killed by blaster fire. And that, it would seem, is the end of her story. But there is more to her character revealed in Catalyst, a Rogue One prequel novel. It turns out Lyra was a surveyor before she went into hiding from the Empire with Galen and Jyn. She traveled to many different and exotic planets. She was also much wiser than Galen and saw through Krennic’s deceptions. Lyra realized before Galen did that the Empire was using his energy research for diabolical purposes.

Lyra is also unique for her connection to the Force. Like Chirrut Imwe, she cannot use the Force. Nevertheless, she is deeply connected to it, as evidenced by the red Sash of the Enlightenment she wears in the film. Her necklace also reminds Jyn of her mother’s faith and gives her strength, as well.

It’s sad that Lyra had to die so quickly in Rogue One. A mother-daughter story would have been far more compelling and groundbreaking than the father-daughter arc we got. Fortunately, the filmmakers and author James Luceno gave her a well-rounded and compelling backstory. For these reasons and her bravery in Rogue One, she ranks at number 24.