50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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22. Satele Shan

Image Credit: Electronic Arts (via Wookieepedia)

Satele Shan may or may not be canon. It has not been confirmed if The Old Republic PC game is official Star Wars lore or not. But Satele deserves to be canon, and not just because she became Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

Jedi are sometimes hard to relate to thanks to their rules about attachments. But Satele is different. She broke the Jedi’s rules in her youth and bore an illegitimate son. Later, she was allowed to return to serve the Order. A journey to the Jedi’s origin world of Tython and the wisdom it brought her earned her the title of Grand Master, the leader of the entire Jedi Order.

Satele represents the ultimate female Jedi. She gets sidetracked and makes what some might call mistakes. But her knowledge of the Force and dedication to peace propel her to high places. She is also an incredible character design, with her silvery hair and intricate lightsaber hilt. We are happy to bring her to fans’ attentions with a number 22 ranking on our list.