50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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20. Mother Talzin

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Mother Talzin is creepy incarnate in The Clone Wars.

The leader of the Nightsisters of Dathomir, Talzin is an expert in the magical arts. She might have been ruler of the galaxy alongside Darth Sidious. But Sidious betrayed her and stole her son, Maul, for his own apprentice. During the Clone Wars, Talzin tried to gain revenge on Sidious’s new apprentice, Count Dooku, for his betrayal of Asajj Ventress, herself a former nightsister. She gave a Zabrak named Savage Oppress to Dooku as a new pupil to gain the Sith lord’s trust. In reality, Oppress was supposed to kill Dooku. He failed and was given a new assignment: find his long-lost brother, Maul.

When Oppress brought Maul back to Talzin, the Dathomir Mother used her magic to give Maul a new pair of legs and restore his sanity. Her and Maul’s plans to rule the galaxy are thwarted, however, by Sidious and Dooku. Talzin is eventually slain in a battle between her and Maul, and Sidious, Dooku, and General Grievous.

Mother Talzin is a weird, bizarre, and awesome part of Star Wars lore. We have no idea how she is able to perform magic and how far her powers stem from the Force. Her conniving, her skill, and her ambition stand her toe to toe with Emperor Palpatine. For these reasons, she ranks at number 20 on our list.