50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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17. Evaan Verlaine

Image Credit: Marvel

Evaan Verlaine’s quiet stubbornness and sarcasm make her a perfect partner in crime to Princess Leia. Directly after the destruction of the first Death Star and the ensuing celebration, Leia recruits Evaan to accompany her on a covert mission. This mission, not sanctioned by Alliance leadership, takes Leia and Evaan across the galaxy gathering the remaining Alderaan refugees. Along with the two rebel heroines, the refugees are targets of the Empire.

Evaan is a rare case of someone who does not like Leia – at first. The pilot thinks the princess is cold and unfeeling after the destruction of their planet. However, Evaan is dedicated to the Alderaanian royalty and promises to follow Leia’s orders.

By the end of their adventures, however, Evaan and Leia are best friends. For her steadfastness, bravery, and loyalty, Leia appoints Evaan the new queen of the remnant of Alderaan. She commands her to seek out a safe existence for their people. Evaan does so, and she is still the leader of New Alderaan just prior to the events of The Force Awakens. In Bloodline by Claudia Gray, Senator Leia calls on her old friend for a favor, and Evaan is happy to help.

Evaan is a fun character. It’s delightful to see her trade barbs with Leia, all the while calling her, “your highness.” We also love her strength and her dedication. These qualities earn her the 17 spot.