50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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16. Admiral Rae Sloane

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Rae Sloane started out low in the Imperial hierarchy. But by the time the Second Death Star was destroyed, Sloane was a high-ranking admiral. In the canon Aftermath trilogy by Chuck Wendig, Sloane took control of the entire Imperial war machine. Granted, she takes orders from a former servant of the Emperor, Gallius Rax. But Sloane knows her worth and in the end, decides she won’t let Rax push her around anymore.

We love Admiral Rae Sloane because she is a powerhouse. Smart, strategic, and tough as nails, she is much wiser than the arrogant men who make up the Imperial leadership. Being an Imperial doesn’t make her evil, either; she truly believes that a totalitarian government can bring peace for all peoples. She has conviction and confidence in herself, and these qualities drive her. In a way, she is the ultimate career woman in Star Wars.