50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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11. Doctor Aphra

Image Credit: Marvel

If you can stand in front of Darth Vader without your knees shaking, you’re probably just as powerful as he is, mentally, politically, or spiritually. On the other hand, you might be plain crazy like Doctor Aphra.

Aphra is an archaeologist who makes a living working for other people. She specializes in droid and weapons technology and has no moral compass. These qualities make her an excellent hire for Darth Vader, who wants to build his own secret army. Aphra works with Vader on several occasions after the events of A New Hope. Eventually, however, she falls out of his favor and he ejects her in a pod out into space. But she survives. And now she’s getting her own ongoing comic series from Marvel.

Aphra is amazing for several reasons. First, she is a doctor (granted, she cheated on her doctorate, but nuance). Second, she is an archaeologist and there are all sorts of fun adventures she could have with that. Finally, she’s eccentric. In both the Darth Vader series and Doctor Aphra, Aphra works with two homicidal droids. In the beginning of her relationship with Vader, knowing he would kill her eventually, she asked him to run her through with his lightsaber when he was done with her. What kind of person makes a deal like that?

But Aphra does. She’s fun, crazy, and a fresh new character, and that’s why she’s number 11 on our list.