50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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9. Asajj Ventress

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Asajj Ventress’s story is a tragic one. As a baby, she was sold into slavery and taken from her home on Dathomir. Ventress’s Force sensitivity was eventually discovered by a Jedi Knight. Asajj grew to love her master. However, he was killed on one of their mission and Asajj plunged into despair. She was consumed by the dark side. After this, she fell in with Count Dooku and became his acolyte.

During the Clone Wars, she honed her dark side skill by carrying out Dooku’s most important orders. But Darth Sidious, who followed the Sith’s Rule of Two, ordered Dooku to do away with Ventress. Ventress found herself abandoned by yet another master and wanted revenge. But after a couple of failed attempts at taking Dooku’s life, she resigned herself to a life of bounty hunting.

Close to the end of the war, Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos convinced Ventress to help him assassinate Dooku. Once again, the plot failed. But Ventress fell in love with Vos and sacrificed herself to save his life. At the very end, she recognized and welcomed the warm embrace of the light side of the Force. She redeemed herself.

Much like Satine Kryze’s death, however, Ventress’s was unnecessary. She could have created yet a new life for herself. She could have become a morally conscious bounty hunter like Sugi or, eventually, a rebel like Hera Syndulla. Instead, she was condemned to death on the brink of her redemption. Her character was interesting, her story powerful. She could have had more stories. Still, nothing can be done now except to highlight Ventress’s merits, which we accomplished by placing her at 9 on our list.