50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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5. Padme Amidala

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Padme Amidala had a lot to live up to. She was the second Star Wars movie heroine after Princess Leia. Furthermore, she was Leia’s biological mother and the wife of the infamous Darth Vader.

Some people don’t think she fulfilled her role as a powerful heroine. But we believe she did, which is why she is number 5 on our list.

In her short twenty-seven years, Padme accomplished a lot. She was elected queen of Naboo as a teenager and led the liberation effort against the Trade Federation. She became Naboo’s senator when her term as monarch was up. During the Clone Wars, she juggled the Senate and the fear of losing her secret husband, Anakin Skywalker, in battle. Later, she became pregnant, only to have her husband turn to the dark side. She died after giving birth to twins, believing in Anakin’s innate goodness to the very end.

Some think Padme was weak for marrying a young, immature man like Anakin and then losing the will to live after he turned against her. But really, Padme is the most human of all the Star Wars movie heroines. She falls in love. She makes some unwise decisions. And there is also a theory that Padme’s life force was drained from her by Palpatine to give Vader strength. Whether that theory is accurate or not is a moot point. Padme is still a strong person in her lifetime. And she is relatable. We could not make a list of Best Female Star Wars Characters without including her high in the ranks.