50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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4. Rey

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Rey has not had time to cultivate a sweeping character arc. But the potential she showed in The Force Awakens puts her at number 4 on our list.

Rey is unique because she literally doesn’t know who she is. She probably wouldn’t recognize her family if they actually showed up. The Force Awakens is the first step in her journey of self-discovery. This is something else new for on-screen female Star Wars characters. Rey is taking a hero’s journey. Much like Luke Skywalker before her, she has an enormously important destiny but humble origins. Luke is her wizard, her guide on the Force path. Will she make the same choices and mistakes? We can’t wait to find out what her future brings.

Destiny aside, though, Rey is a charming personality. She is tough yet innocent. She is steadfastly loyal and morally conscience, in spite of her rough upbringing. Her spirit shines out through enthusiasm for adventure. She is a literal ray of sunshine.