50 Best Female Characters In Star Wars

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44. Corde

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

It’s the opening scene of Attack of the Clones. Senator Padme Amidala’s ship lands on a platform on Coruscant. The ship’s ramp lowers and the senator descends with her entourage. Then, an explosive sends the ship’s ramp into flames. The senator is catapulted into the air. One of her pilots rushes to her side and takes off her helmet, and we realize Padme is the pilot. The woman lying on the ground is her handmaiden and bodyguard, Corde.

The world of Padme’s handmaidens is one I’m dying to learn more about. These women are not just pretty figures in fancy dresses. They shoot and fight like soldiers. They live and die for their senator. Corde and the other handmaidens are examples of women holding an occupation usually left to males: protection. To celebrate Corde, we placed her at number 44 on our list.