Possible Star Wars: Episode VIII filming photo leaks online


Now that we are focusing on the next Star Wars film, Star Wars: Episode VIII, more information and possible filming leaks have surfaced…

Spanish website Prensaimperial has been steadily reporting on a developing story from Star Wars fansite Star Wars Saga Bolivia, which has produced a photo of what appears to be the hull of a Star Wars-like starship, that has landed on the salt flats in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia.

Reportedly, the reason Lucasfilm has chosen the salt flats in Salar de Uyuni is because of its familiar look to other locations in other Star Wars films.

The photo appears to be of the cabin of a ship, taken in June of 2016. Check it out:

According to the site, production prep and filming took about four to five days. None of the main actors in Star Wars: Episode VIII participated in this particular part of the filming. However, many Bolivian actors were used. The scene that was filmed at this location reportedly had to do with a battalion of Stormtroopers. Perhaps the cabin of the ship belongs to a transport of some type.

The actual filming lasted for about two days, and the production team used many lights to give a certain tone to the scene filmed, but we don’t know if this was at night, or not.

Dork Side of the Force will keep you posted with all the latest news and information regarding Star Wars: Episode VIII, as soon as it pops up.