The 25 Greatest Jedi in Star Wars

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#17. Galen Marek

Galen Marek has been on both sides of the Force. He was discovered, as a child, by Darth Vader. Marek lived with his parents on Kashyyyk, who were both Jedi and had strong connections to the Force. His parents married in secret, became pregnant, and left the Jedi Order. After some soul searching they settled on the world of Kashyyyk. But before they could find some peace and rest, the Galactic Empire invaded Kashyyyk, led by Darth Vader.

Galen’s father, Kento Marek, was killed by Darth Vader in a lightsaber duel. After the duel, Vader looked over and saw Galen. And even though Galen was very young, Vader could feel how strong he was in the Force. Vader kidnapped him to, eventually, make him his apprentice. Vader did all of this in secret, because he wanted to, someday, overthrow Emperor Palpatine.

Years later, Galen Marek, now named Starkiller, was sent by Vader to kill Jedi Master Rahm Kota. They gave each other their best in the duel. Matching blow for blow, but in the midst of all this, Rham Kota sensed a greater purpose in the dark apprentice:

“Vader thinks he’s turned you. But I can sense your future. And Vader won’t always be your Master. I sense only… Me?” -Rham Kota to Starkiller during their duel

Ditching the name ‘Starkiller,’ Galen Marek embraced his Jedi heritage. He was outraged at Vader for not willing to the challenge the Emperor with his help. Eventually, Marek confronted his former Master and defeated him in a duel. The Emperor, who never lets an opportunity pass him by, tried to recruit Marek as his new apprentice, but that didn’t work. Marek attacked the Emperor enough to allow his new allies to escape the Death Star, his plan worked. Galen Marek sacrificed himself for the Rebel’s, and became immortalized in their eyes.

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