The 25 Greatest Jedi in Star Wars

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#16. Rahm Kota

Rahm Kota was a well respected Jedi Master and Jedi General. Unlike many other Jedi who served as a General, Kota had been fighting in wars since he was ten. But eight years later, Kota’s force potential was discovered by Jedi Master Mace Windu, who took Kota to Coruscant to begin Jedi training at the Jedi temple.

Kota survived Order 66, and would soon after build an alliance with Senator Bail Organa. After some time of attacking Imperial bases, Kota met an apprentice of Darth Vader: Starkiller. Starkiller (Galen Marek) would eventually become Kota’s padawan.

Rahm Kota was a thick-skinned soldier and flawless commander. He was militant in a lot of ways, not always agreeing with how the Jedi Order did things. Although this was true, Kota was extremely loyal to the Jedi Order. Kota had a lot of anger and hate in him. Other Jedi sensed this in him and tried to help him let it go, but Kota was passed letting anything go. Unlike many other Jedi who lost their way, Kota never fell to the dark side of the force. He saw his anger and hate as weapons to be used on the battlefield.