The 25 Greatest Jedi in Star Wars

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#11. Saesee Tiin

Saesee Tiin was a Jedi Master, and sat on the Jedi High Council. He was a male of the Iktotchi species from the moon planet of Iktotch.

Tiin had may titles, accomplishments, and skills under his belt: starfighter pilot, expert in lightsaber combat, and a veteran general in the Clone Wars. Although Tiin was a well-rounded, well respected Jedi, but it wasn’t always this way.

Saesee Tiin was, somewhat of, an outcast by his peers, due to his telepathic abilities. This caused Tiin to be a loner, and only spoke when spoken to, which continued through his training.

Tiin met his end as he was one of the Jedi to go with Mace Windu to arrest Chancellor Palpatine.