The 25 Greatest Jedi in Star Wars

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

#24. Lilit Twoseas

Lilit Twoseas is a little known female human Jedi Knight from an unknown place. Although this Jedi Knight isn’t well known, there is still much to say about her. Lilit Twoseas was very skilled with the lightsaber, and very strong in the Force. Her relentless, specialized, study of the Force is what gave her such a strong sense in it. But she didn’t keep her Force knowledge to herself. She passed it down to the only apprentice she ever had: K’Kruhk.

One day, while assisting other Jedi, Lilit Twoseas was killed by Yinchorri on the planet of Yinchorr. Her young padawan became surrounded by Yinchorri. Seeing this, Lilit Twoseas rushed over to him and dove in front of a blade strike that was intended for K’Kruhk. The first strike hit her shoulder, but the second strike hit her chest, piercing her heart. Lilit Twoseas sacrificed herself so that her young padawan, K’Kruhk, could live. She left behind a legacy for her young padawan, a legacy that he didn’t take for granted.