The 25 Greatest Sith in Star Wars

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Image Credit: Chronicle Books

#16. Sorzus Syn

Sorzus Syn was a female Sith Lord during the Old Republic era. But after the Jedi Council didn’t allow her, and others, to study the dark side of the Force, they left. Thus, becoming Dark Jedi. A war started shortly after, it was called the Hundred-Year Darkness. In this newly formed empire, Syn became one of the top commanders.

Sorzus Syn was hell bent on exploring everything about the dark side. The Dark Jedi mapped out every Sith world, and landing. They made their home on the world of Ziost, and formed a Sith Council. Syn became obsessed with Sith alchemy. So much in fact, that she found a way to crossbreed Sith, and her own humanoid species, both species had very similar blood. All of this was possible through alchemy.

Syn, and the other Dark Jedi, were eventually defeated. They were forced onto a ship, and disappeared into exile.