The 25 Greatest Sith in Star Wars

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Image Credit: Del Rey

#14. Darth Sion

There were many on this list that I learned about for the first time. Many of them have been added to my list of favorite Sith Lords, Darth Sion is one of those Sith.

Darth Sion, also known as the Lord of Pain, was a Sith Lord who lived during the Old Republic era. During this time, Darth Sion fought alongside Exar Kun in the Great Sith War. Sion had a deep desire to see the Sith be the most dominant force in the galaxy. He would put his effort into the newest rise of the Sith, the next Sith Empire. This, next, Sith Empire was pioneered by Darth Malak, and Darth Revan. After Malak and Revan fell by the wayside, Sion would join up with Darth Traya and Darth Nihilus. All three formed the new Sith empire, Sith Triumvirate.

By summoning his anger, rage and hate, Sion defied death many times. For proof of that, look no further than his decomposing body, which was held together by Sion’s deep connection with the dark side of the Force. Sion fed upon his pain to live, and everyone knew this. That’s why he had the alias the Lord of Pain. Darth Sion had many other Force abilities, including: Force drain, Force immunity, Force rage, Force slow, Force won and Force whirlwind. On top of that, any fear-based Force attacks bounced right off him.