The 25 Greatest Sith in Star Wars

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Image Credit: LucasArts

#7. Darth Nihilus

Darth Nihilus, this Sith Lord is one of my favorites. After almost dying, Nihilus started to crave Force energy. That’s when he met his, future, Sith Master, Darth Traya. He would accept Traya’s offer of apprenticeship and become one of the most powerful Sith Lords of all-time.

Nihilus once had a human face, and black hair, but that grew to disappear as he went further and further into the dark side. This Sith Lord was very committed to lightsaber combat. His fighting style would take so much out of him that he would have to rely on Force energy for strength during a duel.

Darth Nihilus eventually became a threat to all life, everywhere. He was attracted to planets that had Force-sensitives. His reach in the Force was so strong that he could reach out to Force-sensitive planets and kill everyone on that planet. Draining life from every living thing. This hunger for power controlled him, not the other way around.