The 25 Greatest Sith in Star Wars

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

#1. Darth Sidious

Before he was known as Darth Sidious, he was known as Sheev Palpatine, born to a wealthy family on the mid-rim world of Naboo. He realized his curiosity in the dark side at a very early age. He eventually met his, future, Master Darth Plagueis at some point in his teenage years. Under the tutelage of his Master, Sidious learned how to blend in with “normal” people, to be “hidden in plain sight.” This plan of attack started with Plagueis. Plagueis wasn’t interested in the old ways of the Sith, which would try to dominate with just sheer, brute force, without having any sort of real plan behind it. Darth Sidious took this very seriously.

I was never much of a Sidious fan until I dove deeper and realized how much of a genius he was. From Episode I to Episode III, Darth Sidious executed everything perfectly. Including the manipulation and plan to convert Anakin to the dark side. I don’t have any proof to back this up, but I believe that all of the nightmares Anakin had were initiated by Sidious. I also believe that Sidious set up the death of Anakin’s mother. All a part of his plan to lure Anakin to the dark side.

Aside from being a great manipulator, he was extremely powerful in the Force. Sidious was a master at Force lightning, telekinesis and Force persuade. He was also an expert in Sith tongue, an ancient language used among the Sith.

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