The 25 Greatest Sith in Star Wars

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Image Credit: Bioware and LucasArts

#18. Naga Sadow

Naga Sadow was a Dark Lord of the Sith during the Old Republic era. He was a half-breed species of Human and Sith. In his time, Sadow was a force to be reckoned with. He nearly got the Sith Empire to a point of total domination of the galaxy.

Sadow was a master at Sith alchemy. He was able to turn the living into brutal beasts, agents of death. He was also able his gift of alchemy to cause supernovas. Along with his ability of alchemy, Sadow was excellent at creating illusions, he would create these illusions in his Sith meditation sphere.

This Dark Lord of the Sith was known for being a great strategist. In true Sith like fashion, Sadow would wait until his enemy was at his weakest, and then strike. He wasn’t so much known for his skills with a lightsaber, but he was still able to be extremely effective with it.