25 Best (and worst) Star Wars fashion

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18. Po-Zu Star Wars shoes 

Po-Zu recently released these shoes inspired by the Pilot Poe Dameron from The Force Awakens. I like these shoes but wouldn’t personally wear them. The shoes aren’t too flashy, but not too dull either. They look a lot like old school Converse Chuck Taylor’s. Yet aren’t an exact copy either. The company itself uses materials from renewable resources. Or use toxic dyes or chemicals in the making of its clothing. Along with providing its workers fair compensation for their work. All things I can get behind when it comes to the manufacturing of anything, clothing or otherwise. Along with the Poe Dameron inspired shoes, Po-Zu has a pair of boots modeled after the ones that Rey wears in The Force Awakens. It has also been announced that Chewbacca will get a pair of boots as well. So maybe a large line of character specific shoes are in the works? We will have to wait and see.

Po-Zu Star Wars