25 Best (and worst) Star Wars fashion

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Star Wars hats by New Era

17. Star Wars hats by New Era

I am an avid hat wearer, I feel naked if I walk outside with one on. New Era is the largest manufacturer of hats in the world. They have done tons of different Star Wars inspired hat designs. The ones featured in the picture below are modeled after different characters helmets and heads. New Era has released much more than just these flat brim, baseball style hats. In 2015 they teamed up with Major League Baseball to have Star Wars hats matching all the different team’s colors. I still have my San Francisco Giants hat that is a lightsaber being waved to create the teams orange SF logo. I cherish it and only wear it on special occasions. So I won’t put a lot of wear and tear into it. New Era also made a hat for each film in the franchise, using the different films names and specific style of lettering.

New Era