8 Questions for Star Wars: Episode VIII

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3. Will Finn and Poe Have More Buddy Bromance?

It’ll be interesting to see how this relationship develops. They have a strong bond as both of them saved each other’s lives. In The Force Awakens, Finn rescues Poe from being taken to a holding cell, while Poe flies the pair off the Stardestroyer before crashing on the planet Jakku. Later, while at Maz Kanata’s castle on Takodana, the First Order attacks, and it is Poe who swoops in on his Black Lead X-Wing and saves the day by taking out several TIE-Fighters and Stormtroopers.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi would benefit greatly from having these two continue their bromance. Finn and Poe are the new Han and Lando, and we hope that Lucasfilm keeps these two carrying out missions together, and giving them some snappy one-liners, so fans will continue to fall in love with their friendship.

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