25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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14. Poe Dameron

Poe Dameron is the charismatic, fearless, and skilled Resistance pilot from The Force Awakens. We are introduced to him early on in the film when he is given the map to Luke Skywalker on Jakku. Where he came from, who he was, and what led him to join the Resistance is explained through several Marvel Star Wars comics.

There are more films in the saga of course, and he will definitely be in at least the next film in the saga, and unless he dies in the upcoming film, he would have two more films to make an appearance in. Which of course means, there is still a lot of time for them to give us more info on his backstory.

The only character that is 100 percent guaranteed getting a standalone film is Han Solo. Poe Dameron and Han Solo share a lot of similarities, they are both pilots, both share a fearless and independent kind of spirit, neither character uses the force, and aren’t the main characters the story is centered around. That being considered, Poe will probably still have plenty of unanswered questions about his beginnings, when these new saga films are said and done.