25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

13. Saw Gerrera

All the trailers, posters, commercials and other promos for Rogue One featured this as much as any character not named Jyn Erso. Which made it surprising that Saw Gerrera had such a small role, with so little screen time in the actual film.

The information we hear of his backstory during the film is very interesting and unique in the Star Wars galaxy. Mon Mothma explains that Saw Gerrera left the Rebel Alliance after some sort of disagreements. After leaving the alliance, he begins to lead his own group of “extremist” Rebels, that cause the alliance a quote “great deal of trouble.” Also in the film, we hear that Saw’s Rebel group is attacking Imperial ships leaving Jedha with shipments of Kyber crystal for the death star.

That, combined with the fact he basically raised Jyn Erso and had enough a relationship with Galen Jyn’s father and Lyra her mother that they trusted him with protecting their only child. Not to mention when we see the character of Saw Gerrera, he looks almost like he is held together by metal parts and is breathing from an oxygen mask.

Rogue One was received extremely well and was a huge commercial and critical success. I for one loved Rogue One and think its the best movie outside of the original trilogy, and would love to see a spin-off film based on one or more of its characters.