25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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10. Darth Sidious AKA Senator Palpatine

…or simply, The Emperor. Sure we learn a ton about the politician with two personalities in Star Wars, and sure, he’s a Sith Lord, but Palpatine manages to keep this under wraps long enough for him to mislead the republic into signing a treaty, that gives him extreme powers, powers that he uses to dismantle the republic.

This made way for a new dictatorship known simply as the Empire. He manages to seduce Anakin Skywalker, who was believed by some to be the “chosen one” from Jedi prophecy, to the Dark Side of the force. Who was the one that taught Sidious the ways of the force?

It isn’t as much as even mentioned in any of the films, but it is covered in the book, Darth Plagueis.  That book alone would make for an excellent film.