25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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9. Mara Jade

Mara Jade is a character who started using the force from the dark side, as a servant to the Emperor. A character going from the dark side to the Jedi has not yet happened in any of theStar Wars films. After the Emperor is destroyed, she gets her last order from her former master. Which is to assassinate Luke Skywalker. She doesn’t obey the final order and instead becomes a smuggler.

During her time as a smuggler, she comes into contact and develops a relationship with Luke Skywalker, who not long ago she was ordered to kill by her old master. Instead of carrying out the request, she starts to fall in love with Luke and the two eventually have a son.

These developments all come after the original trilogy of films comes to an end. Disney has already made it clear that they aren’t following the events from the Star Wars extended universe novels that already exist. Which is a shame, because Mara Jade covers so many different types of characters in the Star Wars universe and her story is an interesting one because of that. Disney can theoretically do whatever they want with the Star Wars franchise. So they could decide to make a Mara Jade Skywalker film if they please. Fingers Crossed.