25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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8. Wedge Antilles

If your one of the many people that underestimated the Rebellion Pilot Wedge Antilles, it’s understandable. His very brief time on-screen doesn’t give him nearly the credit he deserves. Not only was he a leader during both of the battles against the Death Star — battles, where the Rebellion overcame crazy odds, to defeat the Empire — but he helped destroy the Death Star, TWICE! He was also the first to take down an AT-AT, which until that point seemed almost impossible, using a harpoon cable to surround its legs and trip it.

Wedge is the only Rebellion Pilot that was in the three original Star Wars films, not named Luke Skywalker. Also, Wedge is always flying in every battle he is in, unlike Luke who confronts his Father during the final Death Star battle. So I think personally, that Wedge could very well be a better pilot than Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. I know Han proclaims himself to be the best pilot, but Wedge is seen virtually only while in his cockpit, during an important battle with the Empire, which makes it’s hard to say he shouldn’t be in the conversation of best pilot in Star Wars.