25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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7. Biggs Darklighter

Biggs is another extremely underrated member of the Rebel alliance. Biggs grew up on Tatooine with Luke Skywalker and the two were close friends. They both gained experience as pilots together, while flying through Beggars Canyon on Tatooine. The same place Skywalker references during the Battle of Yavin. Other than flying, while they were young, they both dreamed of joining the Imperial Academy when they were of age.

Biggs was able to attend the academy before Luke because Luke’s Uncle Owen made him stay behind in fear he would become evil like his father, Darth Vader. Luke, of course, wasn’t aware of who his father was yet, so he resented Uncle Owen for constantly holding him back. Eventually, Biggs comes back to visit Tatooine, during this visit that he tells Luke he is defecting from the Imperial Academy to join the Rebel Alliance, planting the seed for Luke to join the Rebellion and not the Empire.