25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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23. Captain Phasma

Captain Phasma’s chrome stormtrooper costume is awesome first of all. Secondly, her role is played by a female and seeing her rise to power in the First Order, more than likely surpassing male counterparts who were also vying for her high position in the First Order military is empowering.

The Rebellion, Republic, and Resistance all had or have women in positions of power. But I cannot recall any Sith, Imperial leaders, or even members for that point ever being women.  Also finding out who in her family tree is, would make for an interesting development. We all know that Star Wars has always relied heavily on characters ancestry for plot twists. So It would be interesting to see who Captain Phasma’s relatives might be.

As we learn in Episode 3, Stormtroopers from the prequel trilogy were all clones. In The Force Awakens after Finn defects from The First Order in the aftermath, Kylo Ren gets extremely angry and tells General Hux that “Maybe you should have used a clone army.” Thus teaching us that the new batch of stormtroopers all have their own different parents (much like the original trilogy troopers). During the exchange Hux says to Ren that all the stormtroopers are “programmed from birth.” Finn goes on to explain later that he was “taken from parents he will never know.” So I think it would be interesting to see if the same goes for Phasma, or if she enlisted to be in the First Order.

There is an endless amount of interesting questions surrounding Captain Phasma, some of which I’m sure could get answered in the upcoming saga films. But the ones that don’t, could very well get made into a standalone film at some point in the future.