Thrawn sets a trap for Fulcrum and Admiral Yularen returns in this Star Wars Rebels clip


Star Wars Rebels — Fulcrum Trap: Through Imperial Eyes shows just how far Grand Admiral Thrawn is willing to go to catch the Rebellion’s spy, Fulcrum….

One of the best surprises from Star Wars Rebels season 3 was that Agent Kallus had been turned from his Rebel hunting ways into a spy for the Rebellion, taking over the name Fulcrum from Ahsoka Tano who was presumed dead after season 2’s finale.

However, it hasn’t been an easy road for Kallus, as he’s had to dodge the ever watchful eye of the crafty and extremely capable Grand Admiral Thrawn. Thrawn has proven to be something the crew of the Ghost and the members of the fledgling rebellion have never faced before, and if this clip for Saturday’s all-new episode of Star Wars Rebels proves to hold up, Kallus and our Rebels may very well be in grave danger. Oh, and former Admiral Yularen from The Clone Wars makes his return. Check it out:

"Grand Admiral Thrawn ratchets up the hunt for the rebel spy in their midst, codename Fulcrum."

Here we have Grand Admiral Thrawn — bare-armed — sparring with two large droids, hand to hand. I also love that his code word to shut the droid off is “Rook,” as it displays Thrawn’s mentality at playing chess with his opponents.

We also have Kallus being reunited with former Admiral (now Colonel) Yularen. You can see the awe in his face, hear it in his voice. Yularen is still a legend to Imperial agents and officers. It is little pieces of connectivity from The Clone Wars (prequel trilogy)) to Star Wars Rebels (original trilogy) that make me appreciate all the hard work the Lucasfilm Story Group puts into every episode, film, book/comic book, and video game that has been released in the past few years.

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