Where is the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels in the Original Trilogy era?

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

The Last of the Lasan Honor Guard

The next member of Phoenix Squadron, Garazeb Orrelios, or Zeb, may have the most clear-cut future. A lot more than just the muscle of the group, Zeb is a former captain of the Lasan Honor Guard; and was on the wrong end of the Empire’s attempt to eradicate his people.

With that in mind, it’s a sure bet that Zeb is a lifer in the fight against the Empire. Like Sabine, there remains the possibility that Zeb could one day return to his people to mount a similar insurrection. However, his place seems most natural on the Ghost – or at least with the Rebel Alliance.

Keen-eyed viewers probably noticed that both the Ghost and Chopper briefly appear in Rogue One. Perhaps Zeb is still manning the turrets and serving under Hera Syndulla. It’s not unrealistic to assume his fate is tied to the Ghost’s, so perhaps he stays with the remainder of Phoenix Squadron for the duration of the war.

Alternatively: after A New Hope, the Rebellion wages a massive offensive that sees many of rebel cells organized into a legitimate military.  It would be a fair guess that Zeb is in one of those newly-created units as a uniformed Rebel soldier. Zeb could even have an unseen role in the Battles of Hoth or Endor!