Where is the crew of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels in the Original Trilogy era?

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

The General

We’ve already covered the Ghost’s cameo in Rogue One, but a ship needs a pilot and there’s no one better than the original, Hera Syndulla. The leader of Phoenix Squadron, Hera is one of the earliest members of the Rebellion and there’s reason to believe that she survives beyond Rebels. Just as Jyn Erso and the rest of Rogue one are infiltrating Scarif, a loudspeaker on Yavin IV calls for a “General Syndulla.”

With both the Ghost and Hera’s droid, Chopper, in Rogue One, the easy assumption is that Hera is alive at least until this point. That being said, there’s no telling how different she will be with the likely deaths, or defections, of her Jedi companions. While never overt, there has always been a strong chemistry between Hera and Kanan, so his death would have a strong impact on her. We may see a more grizzled, veteran Hera next time she makes an appearance.

There’s also the possibility that Hera is not the “General Syndulla” mentioned in Rogue One. Rather, her father Cham is. Cham is a Clone Wars veteran and founder of the resistance on Ryloth. If Hera doesn’t survive through the tenure of Rebels, her father could still fulfill the cameo without creating a plot hole.

Assuming Hera does survive, though, she’s a lock to battle the Empire until the end of the war; likely carrying out the same clandestine-style missions that she was assigned on Rebels.