Star Wars In Memoriam: Farewell, Maul

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

Maul retreated to Mandalore, where his last remaining Death Watch loyalists remained. Eventually, the civil war attracted the attention of the Republic, and Clone forces allied with Ahsoka Tano confronted Maul. Tano bested Maul but allowed him to escape in order to save the lives of her men.

Darth Maul disappeared for more than a decade, kept alive only by his desire for revenge. In exile for the second time, Maul cast aside his Sith title – though fell short of forsaking the Dark Side. Rather, he looked for new paths to strike back at his enemies.

This new direction led him to an ancient Sith world, Malachor – but his ship crashed-landed, leaving him stranded for years. Maul was not alone on Malachor forever, though. The Jedi Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, along with the exiled Ahsoka Tano, found Maul while attempting to find their own way to defeat the Sith.

Maul first met Bridger and manipulated the padawan into assisting Maul with locating an old Sith Holocron. Their combined efforts would be successful, but not without encountering a trio of Imperial Inquisitors. The Jedi-Maul alliance easily dispatched the Inquisitors but fell apart once Maul had the Holocron within reach.

Maul engaged Jarrus, blinding and incapacitating him, but fell short of killing him when Tano intervened. The two dueled briefly before Tano left to confront Malachor’s newest visitor, Darth Vader. Maul was then driven off by Jarrus, who managed to recover from his injury. Maul stole Vader’s ship and fled once again, unwilling to fight the Sith Lord who inhabited his once-promised place.