Star Wars In Memoriam: Farewell, Maul

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image credit: Lucasfilm

Maul’s defeat on Malachor was not a total loss for him. He managed to further Ezra Bridger’s path to the Dark Side and devised a new plan. Maul would further encounter the Jedi rebels, but his constant overstepping would ultimately drive Bridger away from his teachings.

Maul eventually convinced Bridger into combining a Jedi and Sith Holocron together in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Both learned that the answers they sought resided on Tatooine: Maul’s path to revenge and Bridger’s secret to defeating the Sith. Maul offered to teach Bridger one last time, but the young Jedi remained committed to his Jedi ways. Taking Bridger’s refusal in stride, Maul left.

In doing so, Maul unwittingly altered the course of the galaxy again. By leaving the lair where he performed the Holocron ritual with Ezra, Maul literally left the door open for Sabine Wren to retrieve the dark saber. Sabine claimed the weapon for herself, setting her on a path to sparking revolution on Mandalore.

Maul arrived on Tatooine with the intent of killing Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi who had taken his destiny from him thirty years prior. Maul could not locate Kenobi by himself, though and tricked Ezra Bridger into assisting him.