Star Wars In Memoriam: Farewell, Maul

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image credit: Lucasfilm

Maul’s plot was successful, and the former Sith Lord once again stood across from his old nemesis. The confrontation was anything but intense, though. Whereas decades of defeat, exile, and disappointment had rendered Maul into a “shadow” of his original self, it forged Kenobi into a wise and powerful warrior. Maul aggressively attempted the same finishing move that killed Qui-Gon Jin decades before, but Kenobi was ready. As Maul attempted to throw Kenobi off-balance with his raised double-blade, Kenobi sliced through the center, severing the lightsaber – and Maul’s chest in one swoop.

Maul’s life ended on the same planet that he was first seen on in November of 1998. His last moments were not of anguish, though. At Maul’s request, Obi-Wan revealed to Maul that he was protecting the chosen one on Tatooine. Whether Kenobi was right is debatable, but Maul finally found closure with the knowledge that he would be avenged.